Good Friday :/ A day of sadness

What is good about Good Friday?  Good Friday goes by other names too, such as Black Friday, Holy Friday, Great Friday and Easter Friday.  Good Friday could have simply just meant that it is “Holy” or Good could have been a corruption of “God Friday.”

Whatever the meaning of Good Friday, it is a very significant day, and we should also remember the sacrifice of Jesus dying on the Cross for our sins.  Jesus Christ is our bridge into heaven.  So many of Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled through the events that happened around Easter.  Remember that our God is a great big God, and that God had a plan with Good Friday…to defeat sin and raise Jesus Christ from the dead.  He was not taken aback by the fact that everyone denied him and that He was put on the cross and die.  He knew that would happen.

Definitely read John 18:28-19:42 & Luke 23:34-35…and check out the Bible App!  Not to advertise it too much but the stories are so rich and come to life in a unique way!